ZOIX can help your business be more efficient in a number of ways:

Disaster Recovery and Prevention
A computer virus can ruin a hard drive with one click of a mouse. And April showers bring storms in Minnesota and when lightning strikes, it can destroy your entire system. We can assist with data recovery and restoration and then show you how to avert disaster in the future.

Internet Access
Never dial up for Internet access again! Utilizing the latest in high-speed internet access, we can install a secure T1 or ADSL direct Internet connection and Firewall Router/PC. Your entire office can share the speed of the Internet.

Local Area Network (LAN)
ZOIX can connect your entire office including sharing files between Macs and PCs. We design and install complete LAN systems from Ethernet cards in your PC to the wire and network hub.

Workstation Reloads
Having to restart your computer again and again? A system reload could be a quick and inexpensive solution to restore your computer to it’s original working performance.

Server Resources
From a simple single server to a complex multi-server environment, we can help with administration, configuration, and ongoing support.

System Integration
ZOIX can create a process solution by integrating applications, systems, and departments. We’ll define your needs and streamline your data flow, making your office more efficient.

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